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Rsnapshot Puppet module

2 minute read

People want to be seen as being clever, so the result is people wind up working in a cave. Brian Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman

Managing sudoers with Puppet

3 minute read

Managing the sudoers file of the puppetmaster with Puppet is like playing with fire while drenched in petrol. If you must do it be really *really* careful!

Testing Octopress and Heroku

2 minute read

I have vowed to move away from Wordpress. My blog there,, isn’t exactly the epitome of regular activity (my last post was back in Ju...

Setting up OS X Mountain Lion

1 minute read

Last month I installed a second internal drive on my Macbook Pro to increase the capacity to nearly a terabyte. Foolishly forgetting that every time I reinst...