Reclaiming my Saturday mornings 22 Mar 2015

You hear it everywhere: ‘if you want something doing well, do it yourself’. Maybe the primary source is beleaguered managers in stagnant organisations where delivering on promises is the exception rather than the rule, who knows.

That message ingrained itself in me as I grew up. When I started managing people and projects it took a huge effort to let go of the critical tasks, and not only to trust people to do the work well, but also to accept that ‘doing it well’ might actually involve doing it differently to how I would have.

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App-wide AngularJS alerts 17 Mar 2015

Generic alerts are a common requirement in most web applications, and as your Angular application grows in complexity the importance of a standardised way of feeding back to the user gains importance with it. Luckily it’s quite straightforward to leverage Angular services as a system-wide alerting tool.

There are a number of articles covering Angular user alerting, but each one relied on $rootScope or nested scopes. I try to avoid use of the root scope where possible, in the same way we shun the use of the global namespace in JavaScript in general.

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Give and tell challenge 27 Sep 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge
Image courtesy of Quintano Media / Flickr

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been a tour-de-force for charitable donations, and has raised a staggering amount of money for the undoubtedly underfunded organisations in the US and here in the UK. If you haven’t already, I’d urge you to consider donating to this worth cause and to find out more about the disease and how it affects people.

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