FSA Non-Series gravel wheelset bearing replacement

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Rear hub on the FSA Non-Series off-road wheelset

My Sonder Camino Ti arrived in November 2020 with the FSA Non-Series off-road wheelset. After 9 months of mixed British riding, including a long, gritty winter in the Peak District, both wheels developed a bit of play and looked like they needed new bearings.

FSA/Vision have technical documents with lists of service parts for the wheels, but these use non-standard part names, and mapping these to the international standard was only possible once I stripped the wheels down and read them off the bearings themselves.

Front wheel

  • Vision/FSA code: MR199
  • Actual size: 15x26x7mm
  • Quantity: 2
  • Bearing code: 15267–2RS (2RS just means there are 2 rubber seals, which helps protect the bearing from grime)

These can be removed with a bearing puller, and refitted with a standard bearing press with 15x26x7mm drifts, such as this one.

Rear wheel

  • Vision/FSA code: MR200
  • Actual size: 17x28x7mm
  • Quantity: 2
  • Bearing code: 17287–2RS (2RS just means there are 2 rubber seals, which helps protect the bearing from grime)
  • The freehub contains a couple of the same bearings, but I couldn’t remove them, and ended up ordering a full replacement freehub (EL298).

As these have different dimensions, they need a slightly different-sized bearing puller.

To fit/refit the bearings, you’ll need a press with over-axle drifts because the captive axle gets in the way of a standard press once you have the first bearing in. There’s also a cheaper alternative approach if you have a socket set — Youtube is your friend there.

I’ve found Henderson Bearings to ship quickly and last a decent time, though I don’t know enough to say whether their “Enduro” branding is just marketing or a lot better for bikes.

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