Mythtv Remote X10

19 Aug 2010, <1 minute read

I have an ATI Remote Wonder remote, which I’ve been quite happy with for the last couple of years. Not that happy though (or maybe I just like tinkering), because I set about trying to make the remote more responsive. There’s something about having to keep letting go of the button and waiting for it to accept a new press that winds me up when I’m trying to watch a film… The default lirc configuration file is an immense improvement in Mythbuntu Lucid, but I started hacking around anyway. First off was to try the kernel drivers for the X10, which worked, but I couldn’t get any of my lirc settings to affect its behaviour. Switching to the X10 (userspace) drivers made the remote more responsive (and generated many more button presses in irw. I now have the standard ati_remote_wonder_rf configuration running with one slight tweak - I have changed the repeat rates in ~/.lirc/mythtv to 5 (from 0). Now it behaves like a remote should - and is quick enough for me anyway.


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